What can I do to make my hair less oily?

Your scalp will always produce oil (sebum) which helps protect and support healthy hair.

But an abnormally oily scalp can feel like a problem if it makes your hair feel greasy or dirty all the time. Oily scalp can also sometimes happen along with other symptoms that may be signs of a skin disorder.

Let's dive straight in to find out what is causing you to have a oily scalp.

Sometimes genetics play part... damn it Mum, Dad or Grandparent!

Skin conditions can play a part, such as eczema or psoriasis.

Excess oil produced can also lead to more severe causes such as forehead acne, depending on age.

What's on the flip side of just oil? Dry hair but oily scalp!

The mentioned causes such as genetics, skin conditions can be causes. But also over washing hair is sometimes the worst of all.

Also while using products with a alot of artificial chemicals that don't fix the imbalances, but mask and create a bigger longterm problem.

If you read this, hear that voice in your head saying 'oh maybe I'm not using the right shampoo' then your in luck.

An oily scalp isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A little oil’s good for your hair health.

Too much oil in your scalp can be a nuisance!

Visit our professional, friendly team to find out our recommendation on professional haircare suitable for your scalp and treatments to nurture hair moisture and shine.

Hope this gives a little insight and our team look forward to your visit.

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